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As the pandemic virus continues to affect all our lives, we began thinking that we should start doing something for our passengers’ safety and security.

In early January 2021, We Chauffeur Service has partnered with a medical group to offer Covid-19 testing exclusively to his guests.
What we like most is that our guests don’t have to go to some urgent care that they’re not familiar with and wait in line there.
WCS schedules the appointment with the medical care for his customers, then they get the Covid-19 test and receive their results within 48 hours or less.
Outsourcing all testing operations guarantees our customers privacy and absolves WCS for any privacy issues. The service cost is available on customer’s request.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Client Safety Update


As questions and concerns arise about COVID-19 (referred to as the Coronavirus), we have taken a number of precautionary measures to provide the highest level of protection for our clients and staff. The health and safety of our passengers, partners and employees is always our top priority.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

We clean all vehicle interior surfaces with Clorox or bleach-based disinfectant wipes after each ride, and all company working areas are disinfected daily.



All of our employees have been instructed to seek medical attention immediately if they feel any symptoms of sickness.  We do not allow sick employees to report for work under any circumstances.


Eliminate P2P Sharing

We have removed all printed materials from the seat-back pockets along the cessation of candy and beverage offerings that are not individually packaged or sealed, unless requested. Eliminating all physical material sharing between passengers and drivers as much as possible


For the most up to date info please visit the institutional website here:

Covid-19 Travellers updates
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